An Ale for All Seasons

The term ‘ale’ is derived from the Old English ‘alu’ or ‘ealu’. Brewed extensively throughout the medieval world, it was an important source of hydration and nutrition. English-style, top fermented ales were drunk on a daily basis by most of the population. Lower alcohol versions were often served alongside a household’s daily meals, or with bread. Higher alcohol ales were specially brewed for recreational purpose, or celebrations. Seasonal brews were also common, with stronger ales preferred for winter, or autumnal days.

Today, a wide spectrum of ales exist. With a characteristic fruity aroma, they tend to vary in strength, colour and clarity (some may appear hazy, when cask conditioned). To help you choose an ale to suit your occasion, our products are often placed in one of three categories: Pale Ale, Amber Ale and Strong Ale.

Pale Ale

One of the world’s major beer styles, Pale Ale is made from top fermenting ale yeast and pale malts – resulting in refreshing, flavours with hints of fruit. A classic ‘Indian Pale Ale’ (IPA) style is also now growing in popularity.

Best drunk on its own – chilled to ease the heat of a summer’s day – or sometimes served with a range of lighter foods, Dan Murphy stocks a variety of Pale Ales, for example:

  • Coopers Pale Ale (375mL) – Brewed using the finest raw materials and traditional ale brewing techniques, this classic beer offers a clean, well-balanced and compelling flavour with fruity and floral tones, a crisp bitterness and noticeable malt character.
  • Little Creatures Pale Ale (330mL) – A Pale Ale with bags of aroma, flavour and refreshing bitterness. A feature of this brewing is the infusion of the beer through a hopback full of whole hop flowers, resulting in a clean, citrus flavour and a distinct floral aroma.
  • James Squire Indian Pale Ale (345mL) – Hand-crafted in traditional style, this IPA brews to a rich, golden colour with robust malt and hop characters and earthy, floral aromas.

Amber Ale

Amber Ales range in colour from light copper through to dark brown. Slow fermenting, they present a richer flavour than a Pale Ale – tending to have a fuller ‘mouthfeel’.

As with other Ales, these beers stand up well on their own, or match well with steaks and richer foods. Our Amber Ale recommendations include:

  • James Squire Amber Ale (345mL) – This premium Ale, hand-crafted from a 140 year-old recipe is a unique brew of Pale and Crystal malts, and three varieties of Tasmanian hops. A marked nutty flavour enriches this tasty brew.
  • Mildura Mallee Bull (330mL) – A full-bodied, powerful Ale with richness and length, featuring a nutty and toffee flavour. Deep amber to copper in colour, this beer provides good mouthfeel and a lingering malt-driven finish.
  • Little Creatures Rogers’ (330mL) – Velvet smooth, this full-flavoured Amber Ale carries the distinctive Little Creatures hop character and toasted malts. Light, citrus hop notes roll gently into toffee and caramel malt flavours – an easy-drinking Ale of flavour and finesse.

Strong Ale

Strong Ales are still predominantly made with pale malts, but are a much richer and complex beer. Amber to reddish copper in colour, they offer a bold fruity, aromatic and malty flavour – one to savour.

With their robust flavours these beers will more than match roast meat, a rack of lamb, or gourmet game pie. Our Strong Ale selection includes:

  • Coopers Vintage Ale (375mL) – Rich, full flavours result from the vigorous interactions between the malt hop and yeast characteristics. Initially sweet and malty, it results in a refreshing finish for a full-flavoured Ale.
  • Duvel (330mL) – Blonde and refreshing, but with flavour and complexity, this iconic Belgian brew defines their strong Golden Ale tradition. Made with Pilsner malts, Bohemian hops and a unique yeast strain, the end result is a intense, aromatic and beguiling Ale.

Notable Pale Ale’s

Little Creatures Pale Ale – A unique blend of premium hops drive an intense citrus and grapefruit aroma and flavour in this Pale Ale – balanced with a careful selection of specialty malts. Preservative and additive free, this beer is live-yeast conditioned in bottles and kegs, providing unmatched freshness and character. From brewing to release, a batch of Pale Ale takes about six weeks, allowing for two weeks conditioning in the bottle after packaging. No artificial additives are included, just great ingredients. Pour it into a glass to enjoy it at its best!

Coopers Pale Ale – Guaranteed to turn heads, this is the beer that inspired a new generation of ale drinkers. With its fruity and floral characters, balanced with a crisp bitterness, Coopers Pale Ale has a compelling flavour which is perfect for every occasion. Naturally fermented in the “Burton-upon-Trent” style, a secondary fermentation creates the trademark sediment that gives ‘Pale’ its fine cloudy appearance.

Matilda Bay Fat Yak – Fat Yak first impresses with its golden colour, distinctive, hop driven, fruity and herbaceous aromas, giving characteristic passionfruit and melon notes, followed by a whack of hop flavour at the finish. The taste is refreshingly clean on the palate.