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How to Hold a Kickass Party

Image Supplied by Hero DJs

How do you boost your man points if you’ve already punched a shark in the face and grown a beard so epic Ned Kelly would be jealous?  Hold an epic party for the ages! Men who hold epic parties are known for it.  Holding an epic party is going to take a little more thought than hanging bag of Coolabah on the close line, throwing some plastic chairs on the lawn and ordering KFC. Not to hold an all-time party you’re going to have to spend a little dough and bring the good stuff. Man cave store outlines the must have’s for manly party.

Entertainment – Crank the Tunes

If you’re going to have an epic party you need to get a dancefloor happening so you can bust your epic moves.  This isn’t going to happen when you plug your I-pod into your Sony stereo.  No you are going to need employ DJ hire services.  A good DJ will bring the bangers and a quality PA system plus lights.  Look for DJ with good reviews and social media following to see who’s hot. Ideally you’ve seen them play before to so you know they are quality.


As our lord and saviour Homer Simpson says, you don’t make friends with salad.  Get kicking with gas and throw a BBQ.  When it comes to a man style BBQ’s the more meat the better.  Hit up your local butcher and see if they can provide you with a pig on the spit. Nothing impresses your mates more than a whole animal with the head on still.  If this isn’t an option make sure you at least get a nice piece to roast, some quality sausages and steaks.  Go meat again for snacks, try some homemade beef jerky or if you do have some vegetarians coming give them some high protein vegetarian options.


If you’re going to be manly the way to go is a keg, even better if it’s homebrew.   Tapping a key can be a bit tricky, so it’s wise to bring a mate who has worked in a bar before.  Also some locations have restrictions on selling and hiring kegs so you may need to look into a keg hire service.  Of course how much beer you needs depends on how much people are going to drink. In most cases use this as a basic guide.

173 x 285ml Middies 57 people @ 3 beers each
116 x 425ml Schooners 38 people @ 3 beers each
82 x 600ml Pints 27 people @ 3 beers each


House Keeping and Other Things to Do

  • Let the cops and your neighbours now
  • Make sure you organise a port-a-loo if you’re having more than 50 people. Think 1 loo per 30 guests
  • Clean your house and yard

All right there you go. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll throw a party for the ages!